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Thanksgiving in Leabeth’s Kitchen

Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday to be in the kitchen. While we didn’t host a Thanksgiving dinner this year, I couldn’t resist making a few things. After all, what is Thanksgiving without leftovers? Thanksgiving-Brunch-Kale-Butternut-Hash-Leabeths-Kitchen (2)Along with roasting a delicious turkey breast, baking decadent sweet potato puffs and Grandpa’s famous stuffing, I made an Autumn Hash, and a celeriac pizza. Two dishes you can make from your Thanksgiving day ingredient leftovers.

Autumn Hash

Thanksgiving morning, we knew we needed something to keep our bellies satisfied until dinner, what better to do the job than an autumn hash.
A hash can really be what ever you choose. Hash just means to chop, it’s french, of course. I think a fail safe to bringing your hash to tasty town would be any fatty, salty meat. If you add this to a medium heated pan, and render it down before sauteing your veggies, you most definitely in for a treat. I had some sage sausage thawing for the stuffing later, I borrowed some of that for the hash. I also tend to have kale and butternut squash on hand often this time of year, so I chopped it up with some onions and threw it in the pan after cooking the sausage down. The kale, butternut squash and onions will take a few minutes to become tender. If you need a little help convincing them to do so, you can always lower the heat or add a little  stock to the pan.

To finish, fry an egg over easy and lay it on top of a pile of hash. The gooey yolk will melt all through the hash. What’s better than that, really?


Celeriac is the root ball of celery, has all the taste of celery, but the crunch of a parsnip. To speak a little more simply, we just call it celery-root in our house. This is a key ingredient in my Thanksgiving stuffing, and our most favorite pizza. The celery-root in the picture below is only half the size of what it was when I bought it. They can grow to be size of a softball. Sure, there were smaller options in the produce section. But then I couldn’t make pizza too!

I highly encourage you to make this pizza. It’s a recipe from an old Bon Appetit – Pizza Bianca with Scamorza and Shaved Celery Root . I usually buy pizza dough from the deli at my grocery store to help cut time. It ends up being a really quick meal, and we usually serve it with a kale Cesar salad. We always have kale around the house….In the fridge of course.

Sorry I didn’t get a photo of my sweet potatoes. They turned out beautifully. I added a couple beaten eggs to my usual sweet potato casserole mash, and piped them on to a cookie sheet using a star tip. After baking, I finished them with a drizzle of maple syrup and chopped pecans. These puffs freeze well too. I made enough to have them again on Christmas.


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