What's Cooking in Leabeth's Kitchen

A Cooking Show in My Basement

I’ve always wanted to host a cooking show in my basement.

When I was a child, Food Network was born.  I was a TV-aholic, so I was immediately hooked on the Food Network. Watching such classics as Mario Batali, with his bright orange clogs and gorgeous Italian kitchen, and Alton Brown. At one point and time I thought I might want to be a food scientist because of Alton Brown and “Good Eats”. However, I didn’t want to end up in a lab. I wanted to explain how everything worked! Why does it taste like this? Why is that method the best for cooking? What is happening to my meatloaf while it’s baking?

All very interesting facts to a food nerd like me.

What better way to share all of these facts and my charming personality, than a cooking show! My stepmom and I would talk about how it could be in my basement. We lived in Florida, I’m not sure how basements ended up in the picture. But it made sense.

What a coincidence, I now have a basement.  <–I don’t live in Florida anymore.

I could tape the show during the day and raise my kiddos while I wasn’t taping. I wasn’t afraid of the possibility of someday having kids running around, even at age 10. There would be a set with a window and a fake backyard outside of it, so people would think I was in my real kitchen of course. Like the pros do.

I do not really enjoy talking in front of crowds, so a cooking show in my basement was the perfect recipe for me.

Even though, I did teach middle school for five years. They are the toughest crowd you’ll ever meet. If you have a middle school aged child, have met a middle school aged child, or have encountered one in public, you know what I am saying. The honesty that comes from a 12-year-old’s mouth is “inspirational”.

Come to think of it, cooking shows might be why I decided to become a teacher. Standing in front of a crowd teaching them how to divide fractions, and teaching them how to divide dough are the same thing right? Never really thought of it that way.

Well, as you probably know, I don’t have a cooking show. I would still love to be a TV personality though. I think I’d be a mix between Alton, Giada and Ree Drummond. Sciency, sexy, and down to earth.

Don’t I look like I should have a TV show?! I can drink wine, and cook, at the same time. 

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