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Planes, Trains & Automobiles!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of catering my first children’s party, themed “On the Go!”. I had such a good time creating things that were car shaped, colorful, and pretty darn healthy too.

The mom had a vision, she had bought all the “On the Go!” themed things: custom place-mats, signs, bottle wraps, you name it, she had it. But what about the food?! Leabeth’s Kitchen to the rescue! She wasn’t in distress or anything, she just realized she would not be able to get everything done on her own.

I guess that would be why people hire a caterer huh?
I always have tons of ideas going on in my head when I start thinking about event. But I would much rather make my customer happy and create what is in their head. The mom was able to look at my Pinterest boards and get a better feel if what I could prepare for her. We were able to work together and use pins we found as a kind of jumping off point for the type of party she wanted.

Since starting my business in January, I’ve realized that it’s really hard to paint a picture of what I am capable of creating, with just my menu. So, in order to share all the cool stuff I have going on in my head, I created a Pinterest account for Leabeth’s Kitchen. Cooking is deeply ingrained in my soul, but crafting things is right down there with it.

You can find my Pinterest page and follow it HERE!
I’ve also started a gallery of sorts. It contains pictures things I’ve made, for both personal and professional events. You can find that HERE!

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