Tea Time

The perfect little bite.

I’m not sure if they are making a comeback, or if they ever really went away, but I have been loving tea sandwiches lately. With wedding season in full swing, I can’t help but be attracted to such a perfect little bite of a sandwich.

Smoked salmon tea sandwich, perfect bite.

Here are some fun facts about tea sandwiches. They are historically eaten at afternoon tea time. A cucumber, dill, and cream cheese sandwich is just the thing to stave off hunger before dinner. Typically, they are prepared on white bread and buttered. Not the most appealing thing to look at.

I remember seeing them on the cover of a magazine one time, maybe Southern Living, looking semi-tasteless and lacking vibrancy. Modern adaptations to the sandwich, and an awesome amount of bread being available pretty much all over the country, has flipped this right around though.

I have been reading about people putting some really neat things in tea sandwiches. Here are some I experimented with the other day.

  • Simple chicken salad, with mayo and finely diced celery and onions.
  • Thin sliced cucumber, with dill goat cheese.
  • Turkey with lemon Parmesan dressing.
  • Salami with cream cheese.

Sorry I don’t have pictures, I was using a lot of different breads and they weren’t all very “photo-worthy”. They turned out great though. Really cute, and a good ratios of toppings. I find this to be very important. In my opinion, the salami and cream cheese could use some thinly sliced Spanish olives. But, that’s just my personal taste to want anything and everything briny.

I’d love to hear what you’ve placed between two perfectly sliced pieces of bread. Let me know what tea sandwiches you’ve made or have had in the comments below.

Egg salad and watercress sandwich. afternoon tea.

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