Seasonal Desserts

Lemon Cheesecake Mousse cups, graham cracker crust topped with lemon cheesecake filling in individual cups. $4.00 each
Strawberry & Peach Rustic Tart, fresh fruit filling wrapped in flaky pie dough. $24.00 Serves 8-10

No Matter the Season Desserts


Cream Puffs
Delicately made cream puffs, filled with vanilla whipped cream and drizzled with chocolate.
$27doz. Cream Puffs

Dessert Hors D’oeuvres
Individual cups for everyone to enjoy. Your choice of:
-Strawberry Shortcake
-Lemon Trifle
-Chocolate Mousse
$4 each/Minimum order of 12

-Chocolate Strawberry. Made with a chocolate crust, filled with ganache and topped with fresh berries.
-Lemon Raspberry. Made with a shortbread crust, filled with lemon curd mascarpone and topped with berries and strawberry glaze.
$40/Tart, serves 8

Lemon Bars
Delicate almond-shortbread crust with lemon curd filling.
$15/9 bars – bars can easily be cut in half to make more bite-sized pieces (18 pieces)

Pecan Pie Bars
It’s a slice of pecan pie, in one bite!
$15/9 Bars

Peanut Butter Bars
Creamy and crispy peanut butter filling, topped with chocolate ganache.
$15/9 bars

Mint Chocolate Brownies
Brownies layered with mint icing and chocolate ganache.
$15/doz. Brownies

Chocolate Walnut Brownies
$15/doz. Brownies

Shortbread Cookies
$15/doz. Cookies