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An Upscale Backyard Barbecue

What better way to celebrate a loved one’s life than to share a meal with family? Barb told her family members they were coming for a backyard barbecue, but she wanted to impress them with a little more than that. We planned dinner menu with a Mediterranean theme to it, and chose appetizers that would… Continue reading An Upscale Backyard Barbecue

Catering · Summertime

Prepping for a Delicious Summer in Leabeth’s Kitchen

The sun is finally shining in colorful Colorado, again! I started writing this post last week, then we got a typical spring rain storm which brought on some super chilly weather. But now we’re back in business, the sunny day business 🙂 The tulips are in bloom, the streams are flowing. That means it’s time to start eating… Continue reading Prepping for a Delicious Summer in Leabeth’s Kitchen

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Pink Bunnies and Lots of Yummies

The Some Bunny is Turning One birthday party turned out great! I am posting pictures below, but I also wanted to give you a list of what Leabeth’s Kitchen prepared for the party. Most of which was found on Pinterest and shared with me. I personally really love when party hosts are able to show… Continue reading Pink Bunnies and Lots of Yummies