Catering · Summertime

An Upscale Backyard Barbecue

What better way to celebrate a loved one’s life than to share a meal with family? Barb told her family members they were coming for a backyard barbecue, but she wanted to impress them with a little more than that. We planned dinner menu with a Mediterranean theme to it, and chose appetizers that would… Continue reading An Upscale Backyard Barbecue

Catering · Summertime

Prepping for a Delicious Summer in Leabeth’s Kitchen

The sun is finally shining in colorful Colorado, again! I started writing this post last week, then we got a typical spring rain storm which brought on some super chilly weather. But now we’re back in business, the sunny day business 🙂 The tulips are in bloom, the streams are flowing. That means it’s time to start eating… Continue reading Prepping for a Delicious Summer in Leabeth’s Kitchen

Birthday Party · Catering

Pink Bunnies and Lots of Yummies

The Some Bunny is Turning One birthday party turned out great! I am posting pictures below, but I also wanted to give you a list of what Leabeth’s Kitchen prepared for the party. Most of which was found on Pinterest and shared with me. I personally really love when party hosts are able to show… Continue reading Pink Bunnies and Lots of Yummies

What's Cooking in Leabeth's Kitchen · What's for Dinner?

What’s for dinner when things get hectic?

Lately, my standards on a healthy balanced dinner have been lowered substantially by my lack of energy and time. This is a good thing, busy means business, yay! But when asked, what’s for dinner? My most common answer lately is, leftovers. Which, for some reason, doesn’t ever include the healthiest part of the meal, the veggies!… Continue reading What’s for dinner when things get hectic?

Catering · Children's Party · On The GO!

Planes, Trains & Automobiles!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of catering my first children’s party, themed “On the Go!”. I had such a good time creating things that were car shaped, colorful, and pretty darn healthy too. The mom had a vision, she had bought all the “On the Go!” themed things: custom place-mats, signs, bottle wraps,… Continue reading Planes, Trains & Automobiles!

Christmas · What's Cooking in Leabeth's Kitchen

The modest shortbread cookie.

A modest cookie of sorts. From first glance of the shortbread cookie, you may not expect its palate pleasing qualities. Buttery, sweet like a song on Christmas morning, and delicate, if you’re eating the right shortbread cookie that is. To those eating crunchy, dry shortbread cookies. My heart goes out to you. The shortbread cookie… Continue reading The modest shortbread cookie.